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The Only Child

This topic is near and dear to my heart-the only child.  No, I’m not an only child and I do not have an only child.  But I wanted to have an only child for many years.  It was a terrible struggle for me as a parent to decide if I would have more than one child.  I was so overwhelmed at the idea of being a good parent and providing a good life to my first child, that I couldn’t bear the idea of having another.  I loved the alone time, the absence of any sibling rivalry.  I loved the idea of having the freedom to do more financially and with only one personality to work with.  I had no idea how I would be able to meet another child’s needs emotionally.

My friends and I would talk incessantly about it.  And I decided to have another.  And like any child, once you meet them, you can’t remember not being madly in love with them.  You can’t remember life existed without them because it’s like they’ve always been there.  I can’t imagine life without my second child.

But I still think having an only child would be a special gift as a parent too.  I think giving one child everything they ever dreamed of, would be very cool.  And some people think it makes for a spoiled person.  I think it only leads to being spoiled if you let them just be selfish, spoiled people.

I think a lot more people consider having the only child than we hear about.  There is so much parental pressure to have more children.  It’s one of those topics that brings out the judgey in some parents in unfair doses.  Why do people care so much whether someone has an only child?  Well, I asked because I want to know.  Give me something to chew on.  What’s wrong with having an only child?  It is ignorance that makes us judge, or do you know something I don’t?  Give it a rip!