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 Erin Hesser- mac-n-cheesemartinis suburban correspondent

 Who She Is:  Local children’s art teacher and business owner of A Little School of Fish at Fisheye Studios, In-home  childcare provider, Mother of one beautiful little girl toddler, Wife of brave man in the armed forces-  living in another  state.

 Former Life:  Bachelor’s in Fine Arts: Photography; Master’s in Art Education & Visual Culture; worked at the Phoenix Art Museum, Rosson House Museum Foundation & Guild, and Center For Creative Photography

What you miss most from your former life?  Erin: My accessories!  Not gonna lie, I am a clothes whore and I miss my big girl shoes, long over the top dangly earrings, and my designer clothes!  When I gave up my jobs, and gave up my disposable income, I had to give up shopping, lunches out with friends every day, and sneaking out with coworkers during lunch breaks for…. Wait for it… Yup, more shopping.

What are the best parts of being a mom?  Erin:  The best parts are, hands down, watching my baby grow and learn a new skill. Something she couldn’t do yesterday lights her up today. I love nights, when it’s just the two of us snuggling on the couch and playing out our nightly routine. But most of all, I love seeing my husband in her little smile, in her tantrums, and in her eyes!

My Opinion:  Erin has an incredibly crazy sense of humor, the ability to see things in people, (especially children) that go beyond the outer layer.  She stole my heart when I learned she was all things artistic, and was just so damn unique!  Her life screams peace and the ability to fit into her own skin so comfortably, it’s contagious.  She has strong opinions about her own beliefs, but is never quick to judge.  No matter how hard you try, you will not find anything fake about her.  And her strength in choosing a life that falls out of the norm is inspiring to me.  It’s brave and shows her strength.  You will definitely want to hear her opinion, even if you don’t agree.

 Jen Lee - mac-n-cheesmartinis.com foreign correspondent

 Who She Is: Lady of Privilege (my name for a mom who has a cook/cleaner, etc—gotta love living in another  country sometimes), living in Shanghai, China.  Although she may appear Chinese, because she is—she only first visited  there when she moved two years ago.  She is the mother of two wonderful boys, who seem to be from different fathers,  which is more entertaining to say than true.  Her husband is a manager for an American company in China.

BFA in Illustration Design and a BA in Art History

Former Life:  Jen: I was a hair stylist at a hoity toity salon.  Claim to fame, I did the hair of Alice Cooper’s wife and use to sculpt the brows of Linkin Park’s lead singer’s wife until they got divorce. I also cut Jude LaCava’s hair a couple of times when his “regular” stylist was out.

What you miss most from your former life?  Jen: Sleep and the freedom to do whatever the heck I wanted to do at that moment without worrying about the consequences.

What are the best parts of being a mom?  Jen: Just seeing life from a new perspective.  Taught me to be extremely patient and making me realize that nothing really matters except health, love and pure joy.

My Opinion: From the time I met Jen, she was a standout person.  She’s one of those people who makes you laugh partly because of her self-deprecating sense of humor and mostly because her honesty is so raw, you feel this immediate sense of ease around her.  Our sons are very near in age and our eldest were both very quirky, and I felt like she was always a great person to talk things over with.  She was always so anti-PC and did things totally NOT by the book but despite her appearance of nonchalance, she was doing everything in her power to be the best mom.  You will want to hear her advice because you will belly laugh and then actually think about the wisdom underlying her comic relief.

 Michelle Levine-mac-n-cheesemartinis young and single correspondent

 Who She Is:  Brokers Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance, Lives in San Francisco, Busy socialite, Mother of no one,  Wife of no one, Foot loose and fancy free, Introspective and wise,Ffabulous, Bachelor’s in Psychology, Traveler and  Lactose-intolerant.

 Do You Have A “Former” Life?  Michelle: Yes-everyday when I wake up, I think today I’ll be different.

What would you change about your life?  Michelle: I wish I could be maternal enough that I didn’t keep having this dream–where I keep forgetting to feed my dream dog, Pearl– (as in “the dog I would someday like to get, and have already named, but do not currently own”) I keep waking up from my dream relieved, every time I realize Pearl is still alive.

What are the best parts of your current life?  Michelle:  Me.  Full disclosure-this is also the worst part of my life. I’m a Gemini. I’m generally far too much fun and out of control, and then spend the rest of my time in a self-loathing, guilt bath.                                                                                                                           

My Opinion: I am partial to Michelle because we are related.  And ironically, we hardly spent time together as children.  But some people are meant to be in your life no matter what, and she is one of my favorite people in the entire universe now for years and years.  If I lived a thousand lifetimes, she would still be my favorite, along with my dad, my husband and my children.  Her opinion has become important to me because she sees motherhood from an angle that is motherless.  I love that.  She always says what she thinks, and we never have to agree to continue our mutual admiration.  We all need friends like that, and that’s why I knew she had to be here to steer our advice in new directions, calling out viewpoints she finds ridiculous and help us see that the world is not made up of our microcosmic view of family.

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What do I miss from my former life? Happy hour!  So I created one online—it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!  I still need to hear  the scoop, so join me and my panelists for our sharing, caring and bitching happy hour!  This happy hour is on me!  But you can’t just sit there!  Write it now!