This Site Is For You IF...

You have ever wondered why other

mothers have it all together.

And you can't find a clean pair of



This Site Is For You IF...

Your first child listened to classical music

You read to them for hours

You kept them sugar and chemical free

And you can't remember why.

This Site Is For You IF...

You have read the book! Twice!

And your child STILL doesn't do it.

Show us a lil's been a long day!
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Teach Me How To Walk PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:51

Here’s how the story goes as I heard it.  Dave might tell you differently.  But it really fit…  With my theme.  With my heart.  With my branding.  Is that a thing?  Yes, I freaking have a brand.  Thanks for your support.


I have a friend with Spina Bifida.  Yah, I can’t tell you that ever mattered.  But he does ride in a wheelchair.  I may not have really noticed.  I mean, I did.  But his freaking attitude makes him seem 6 foot 5 inches.  He told me once he had a date when he was 18 years old.  He climbed three flights of stairs in his wheelchair.  Yes, he had a great night with that date.  How much of a reward would you give a guy who did all that?  And no, I don’t need examples. 


But he has a daughter. 


And that’s where my parenting brand jumps in…


She told him he couldn’t walk because no one had clearly ever taken the time to teach him. 


She was SIX years old. The magnification of that detail is tres importante.  That’s French for super fucking important.


Dear Mom and Dad, I'm 40ish. PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:15

Dear Mom and Dad,


 I am in my forties now.  Of course, I am only telling you this because it’s important to this note.  You are both in your 60’s.  And truly, we all know this moment will come when we’re (I'm) middle-aged, which is the penultimate phase of mediocrity?  What?  I'm middle-aged?  Yep.  Not young and vibrant.  Not old and slowing down…  But just over the damn crest of the hill.  And things are beginning to creak, but only to the extent that I can still deny it some days…  But enough that my denial moments say, “Yes, I felt a little stiff this morning, and no, I can’t read the small print.” 


And my own kids are no longer little.  They speak and poop in the toilet and have the ability to talk through issues instead of just yell.  It’s exciting and terrifying.  And I am so proud one minute and the next I feel ill-prepared to walk another moment in these shoes that read “parent” in already worn out ink. 


Unlimit Your Limits PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Friday, 05 August 2016 10:46



I hate that word. I hate what it represents. 

I hate that there are limits. 

But there are.

In life

In my life

I am short

I will never be tall. 

Some people don’t walk on their own two feet

That’s not a metaphor.

Some people can’t hear music

Or speech

Or birds

Or tires screeching.


Some people hide

Because their minds won’t allow them peace.

Some suffer loss

They’ll never extricate from.

Superbly Uneventful PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Monday, 01 August 2016 10:35

My son started junior high today. 

I write that.  And pause.  And read it again.  Is that possibly the whole blog post?

I started writing when that beautiful boy was a wee child with big blue eyes, wild strength and bravery, a mercurial mood, and the ability to rile me up like no other.  And of great note, he had the deepest soul.

And today he got up all by himself.  I showered while he got ready.  Yes, I still reminded him to brush his damn teeth, which thank God, are still in his freaking mouth-- even though I swear they’ve only been properly brushed twice since I let him take over that responsibility. 

Buried in Pieces of Peace PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Friday, 24 June 2016 09:32

A lot of times we want the world to call out to us.  We search for meaning, for clues, for messages from…  God or psychics or friends or family or songs on the radio.  We want to know what this or that means.  We wonder who is the best for support, for love, for happiness, for strength, for meaning… 


I read blogs and apps and and might even be doing one or several of the things above.  And then. 


I sat still for a moment.  I put down my meditation app, my Pema Chodron book, my psychic cards from a fabulous new connection, my fervent prayer, my 2 hour conversation with a dear friend, my family’s generous love and time. 


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