This Site Is For You IF...

You have ever wondered why other

mothers have it all together.

And you can't find a clean pair of



This Site Is For You IF...

Your first child listened to classical music

You read to them for hours

You kept them sugar and chemical free

And you can't remember why.

This Site Is For You IF...

You have read the book! Twice!

And your child STILL doesn't do it.

Show us a lil's been a long day!
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If Someone Gave Me a Chance PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Friday, 15 April 2016 06:54

To the children who struggle with any type of disability. 

To anyone who has ever struggled with anything… 

Yes, to you.

And me.


If Someone Gave Me The Chance


If someone gave me the chance

If someone saw me better than I can

If they were able to help me learn

Because I know I can…


If someone were able to give me a chance

If someone were able to see more of what I see

About me

And help me show the rest of the world…


If someone believed in me

In me being something

Anything, everything

Maybe I could see


Maybe I could be those things

That I know are in me

That I keep trying to do

To be


Maybe I could live the life

I see others living

Around me

Maybe I could have that

And maybe I could

Still be me






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