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This Site Is For You IF...

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This Site Is For You IF...

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Sex Trafficking PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Monday, 01 April 2013 13:20

A friend called me last week.  Well, she went to high school with my husband, but I have made her a friend of my own now.  Sometimes I steal.  It can’t be helped.  She’s one of those people who fill the room with energy, passion and general fun.  She usually calls to say, ‘Let’s get together.’  And I always say yes with the most fervor, and months go by before we get those happy hours set up or parties attended.  But when we do, my belly aches from laughing, and I just know life is good with people like that around. 


So when she asked me to call this time, I was surprised she asked me if I had anything to say about sex trafficking.  Okay, she didn’t ask exactly like that.  But I have to admit it caught me off-guard.  I’m sorry, is that the name of a new martini?  But no.  It wasn’t.  And then she said something like, “If my meager life could mean anything, I want to help with this event.”  I get that.  I feel that way.  You probably do too.  But I often give ‘Cookies for Kids’ Cancer’ or to a safe house for young teen mothers, who might be on the street.  Sex trafficking hadn’t crossed my mind, for a lot of reasons. 

Middle Age and All That Stuff PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 14:02

Here’s the thing, the thing I’ve been pondering the last couple weeks.  Maybe it’s more like one thousand twenty-two things I’ve been pondering.  I am a mess with ideas and concepts and philosophies and trying to make sense of this feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I wonder if it’s because I am a mom with kids who are doing more and more on their own.  I thought I had already gotten used to that.  But I now realize the rest of my life will be a road of my children more and more on their own, needing me less, me needing them more, even though I want more of myself too. 

Playground Kisses PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 13:09

So I’m walking up playground kissesto my 6 year old’s Kindergarten classroom, excited and happy to show up for the class party.  As I work more, I get more and more thrilled when I get to be at school things.  I still make it for most things, but it’s like an achievement when I show up, not a foregone conclusion. 


So I am in happy, involved, stay at home/working, idealist in freefall mom mode, when the class aide saunters up to me.  She’s a lovely lady, and I smiled brightly.  I do that for myself, thinking whatever comes next, the initial smile was from me, CC, the person.  The next emotion will be in response to whatever my 6 year old has done to elicit the conversation.  That will be from CC, the mom. 


I note, because it was the first thing I checked once I smiled, that she had a kind and loving look on her face.


“Mrs. Mac-N-Cheese (no one calls me that), I just want to let you know that Zoom and another little girl were kissing on the playground all morning.  We had to tell him this wasn’t allowed at school.  I just wanted you to know because they told me they are having a playdate this afternoon.”

Laundry and Exorcism PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Monday, 25 February 2013 09:06

So it’s a beautiful Sunday.  And blue crayonSundays at our house turn into cleaning and organizing days if we didn’t get it to it during the week.  So almost always, we end up cleaning on Sundays.  I don’t shower, so I look like a homeless person working for a drink.  And the family all helps.  It’s kinda cute.  Of course, my husband would roll his eyes at that.  I find things like team cleaning very sweet.  I can even tear up sometimes because I feel like it’s something we do that would qualify as functional.  You gotta LOVE that shit!  Take it where you can!


And I decided to throw in the kids’ laundry for the week, all those boring-assed khakis and polo shirts that will one day make them think they are so boring and have no style.  But we’ll handle that later.  For now, it’s easy to make the uniforms work most days.  So in goes the whole load!  2 hours, and my kids will be set for a week!  And…


I hear the buzzer and head back from cleaning or piano lessons to fold the proud load of laundry.  Don’t laugh.  You know how satisfying it is when you think you’ve conquered something that will not be on your running list of chores.  (And by that I mean, the list of chores that you will be running around doing for the next ten years.) 

The Principal's Office PDF Print E-mail
Written by CC   
Friday, 15 February 2013 09:07

I am one of those annoying people (keep reading, there’s more)…  I know, it could really be anything next.  But I am the “honesty” person.  You know, I am always wishing that people would just say what they think.  It comes from the philosopher in me.  I am always thinking, “Why doesn’t so and so just say she doesn’t like the fruit tart I fed her.  It’s truly awful.”  And I actually consider making her eat the whole tart for not being honest because…  can you really be friends with someone who is afraid of hurting your feelings so badly, they can’t tell you they don’t like a tart you bought??  It’s not like she’s assessing my hairstyle or nose size!


I wish people would say why they’re mad.  I wish people would tell you when they think you’re being irritating so you can just shut up for a minute and give them a chance to breathe.  I wish people would warn you that they are just freaking grumpy so anything they say that day will be mean-- cause they’re bitchy.  BUT to please forgive them and move on.  It’s truly just a personality flaw.  You know what I mean, right? 

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